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Ambassador Program FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the adidas NIL Ambassador Program?

  2. How does the program work?

  3. How do I earn with adidas?

  4. Can International student-athletes participate?

  5. Where can I access my adidas Tracking (Affiliate) Link?

  6. Where do I put my Tracking (Affiliate) Link?

  7. What happens if I don't use my Tracking (Affiliate) Link?

  8. Where can I learn more about Affiliate Marketing?

  9. How /When will I get paid?

  10. How much can I earn?

  11. Is there a contract for me to submit to compliance?

  12. What is Postgame?



  1. The adidas NIL Ambassador Program powered by Postgame was created to allow every college athlete from adidas sponsored schools an opportunity to earn from their Name, Image and Likeness. adidas announced the program in March 2022 with the goal of reaching nearly 50,000 student athletes. The program is 100% free to join. 

  2. The program offers student-athletes from adidas sponsored schools a way to monetize traffic from their social media channels through a combination of paid placement opportunities and affiliate marketing (i.e. sales commissions)

  3. Student-athletes will have an opportunity to earn sales commissions through the affiliate program as well as cash payment / bonuses for a limited number of athletes - rewarding high social media engagement, creativity and more.  Additionally, free adidas products, gift cards and special discounts will be provided throughout the campaign.

  4. Currently, it is against Federal law for an international student to earn in the United States while they are on US soil. Doing so could jeopardize your eligibility for your F1 Student visa and could result in deportation. This is a rule that applies to all international students, not just student athletes. With that said, you are free to earn when you return to your home country, however we advise that you consult your advisors within the athletic department for more information.

  5. Postgame will send you Your Unique Tracking link (i.e. affiliate link) via email and Instagram DM. If you have downloaded the Postgame App, it will also be available under your Account Menu. If at any time you are unable to locate or access your link, please contact Postgame support at or through our Instagram Profile.  Note: If you do not use your Tracking Link, we cannot track purchases and you will not get paid.

  6. Your Tracking Link link can be placed anywhere that a hyperlink is accepted. 

    Social Media Bios
    - Instagram Story 'Link' Sticker (Swipe Up)
    - Websites, Blogs, LinkTree, Twitter

    Other locations that are less effective and not clickable include:
    Note: It is more effective to reference a clickable
     link in your social media bio (e.g. 'To purchase adidas click my Link in bio')

    - Captions (Instagram Feed or Reels, TikTok)
    - YouTube


  7. Your unique affiliate link is how adidas and Postgame can give you credit when your followers make a purchase from Failure to share this link makes purchases untraceable and thus you will not get credit. DON’T FORGET TO SHARE YOUR LINK!

  8. For more detailed information about affiliate marketing (best practices, etc) view the following PDF's:

    - Getting Started
    - How To Earn & Best Practices


  9. Commissions are paid out to affiliate marketers (you in this case) every month according to adidas’s affiliate program (here). At the end of each month, adidas compiles all of the purchases on that came as a result of someone clicking your affiliate link and buying. After taking out any purchases that were returned, you will receive your commission.

    For paid placement, Postgame will pay you direct - through your preferred payment method (Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, PayPal) based on the agreed upon amount outlined in your athlete contract.Lastly, student-athletes receiving cash bonuses for quality content will receive payment within 30 days (or less) of being notified of their bonus.


  10. While it is very difficult to estimate how much each athlete will earn - all affiliate program participants will receive 10% commission on sales* (less returned orders) that result from purchases originating from your tracking (affiliate) link. The amount you earn will depend on several factors including the size of your audience and how often you post and promote your link. Additionally, specific athletes will earn additional paid placement income - independent from sales

    Additional learning sessions will be provided by Postgame and adidas to share best practices and insure you’re maximizing your earning potential.

    * There are some exclusions to sales commissions including products such as Yeezy’s and others. Please consult the adidas affiliate program terms for further details

  11. Athletes who are a part of the paid placement opportunity will receive an athlete contract outlining campaign fulfillment requirements (# of social media posts, timelines, etc), agreed upon payment, and content usage. Each athlete will be responsible for submitting their contract in accordance to the policy provided by their compliance department. Athletes participating in the affiliate program only will not receive a contract - but may submit the campaign announcement page as proof of participation in the program.

  12. Postgame is a sports marketing agency that manages NIL influencer campaigns between brands and over 60,000 college athletes. Our platform, app and player portal allow us to recruit, negotiate, communicate, manage and report on influencer campaigns with college athletes at scale.  For more information about Postgame, visit the Postgame FAQ


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How does it wor?
What can I earn?
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Where put tracking link?
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How Much Can I Earn?
What is Postgame?
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