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Postgame recently launched our player portal of 60,000+ college athletes to allow our brand partners to research our network.  Currently in beta - the portal is evolving to also give our member athletes the ability to manage their new 'influencer business' by showcasing recent NIL campaigns.  

For brands looking to do larger scale campaigns, we strongly suggest scheduling a call to discuss the advantages to having Postgame manage your campaign.  Let's talk strategy too!

Postgame Member
Keshad Johnson - SDSU - Men's Basketball

Player Portal

Brands interested in smaller influencer campaigns (<10 athletes) with college athletes are encouraged to use the Postgame player portal - free of charge.  Stop paying for access to influencer marketplaces and/or limiting yourself to athletes within specific college exchanges.  Open up your campaign to every college athlete without any added costs or limitations on who you would like to work with.

For larger scale campaigns that present more challenges (recruitment, negotiation, player management, payment, tax implications...), we suggest you consider our full service offering. 
Contact Us for more information. 

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