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What is an NFT? 
For our purposes, think of an NFT as your own digital trading card - whose sale (and re-sale) can be tracked online and earn you $$. 

What makes an NFT valuable?
Much like trading cards in the physical world, a limited number of NFT's are printed (in this case, 'minted') online - making them scarce in the same way a limited number of say, Michael Jordan rookie cards would be. Because NFT's are new, people are eager to buy many of these first NFT's - especially NFT's of college athletes who, as of July 1st can finally earn from their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL).

Can I just screenshot an NFT and own it for free?
You could. However, this is no different than printing a color copy of a Michael Jordan rookie card and passing it off as a 'real' card.  It looks nice in your bookcase, but it is worthless to collectors.  The same is true for an NFT.  If it's not authenticated as a real NFT on the blockchain, it's simply not 'real'. 

How will I receive money from the sale of my NFT?

Postgame will get you set up with your own crypto currency 'wallet' that will receive payouts every time your NFT is bought and sold.  The payout is received in the form of a cryptocurrency called Ethereum which can be easily converted to cash ($$) that we can send you through Venmo, etc.  If you're confused, it's okay!  We'll walk you through it and make sure you get paid the agreed upon percentage of your Postgame NFT sales.

What is the blockchain?
Think of the blockchain as a endless spreadsheet of transactions that keeps track of every NFT ever minted - including who owns them, when they are bought and sold, how much was paid, etc.  The blockchain also keeps track of how much you earn. The blockchain is the key to everything!

What do I need to send Postgame to get started?
This first series of Postgame NFT's require minimal effort on your part.  All we need is:

     1. A hi-resolution headshot.  To avoid copyright issues, the image cannot be one that your school or a professional photographer has taken. This must be a photo that you own, You will be required to sign off on this.
2. Your signature. We will etch your signature into the Postgame NFT to enhance it's value!

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