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Large Sports Media Brand Partners with College Athletes to Launch New Performance Apparel Line

9 of the Top 10 performing influencers (based on views) used by the brand that month were Postgame member athletes. 

90+ unique pieces of content created.

Postgame Member
Norah Flatley - UCLA - Gymnastics


Elliott Brown.jpeg
  • A large sports media brand was in need of authentic influencers to help with the promotion of their new branded sports performance clothing line.

  • The Brand needed to expand it’s community of influencers to better align with their target audience — athletic and fitness oriented consumers.

  • The Brand was eager to tap into a new audience and work with college athletes who align with their brand and allow them to connect with Gen Z consumers across multiple touch points.

Elliott Brown

University of Nebraska -Football



Michaela Edenfield
Florida State University - Softball

  • With Postgame, this large sports media brand successfully executed a cross platform campaign – (the combination of IG Reels + In-Feed Posts, and TikToks) which created for a more compelling campaign with multiple touchpoints to access their target of new Gen Z consumers.

  • Postgame empowered the Brand to establish a community of 25 D1 College Athletes to promote their initial clothing line launch.

  • On behalf of the Brand, Postgame negotiated and executed contracts with each athlete including content licencing rights to be used in organic and paid media channels.

  • The Brand has since established an evergreen group of athletes to be activated in support of subsequent product launches and on-going marketing campaigns..



$17 Impression CPM
51% below industry average!


Combined number of followers reached across Instagram and TikTok


Significantly higher engagement than traditional fitness/lifestyle influencers


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