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Copyright Free Music

Some of our brand partners require that you use copyright-free music when creating content that promotes their brand.  In other words, for these particular 'paid promotion' style campaigns you CANNOT use many of the latest songs trending on Instagram/TikTok or songs from your favorite artists (i.e. Drake, etc...).
There is also what is called 
royalty-free music - which is music you pay to use for a period of time. Note:  There is Royalty-Free music within Instagram and TikTok that has already been paid for - and is free (and safe) to use.  A number of royalty-free websites also exist with more options (see below).

1. Where can I find copyright-free and royalty-free music?

The easiest place to find (and use) this type of music is within Instagram and TikTok. Simply type 'Copyright Free' or 'Royalty-Free' in the Music search bar.  You will begin to see a number of options that cover all genres of music (including some really good beats!).  Similar to adding any other type of music to your Videos/Reels, you'll simply add it on top of the content you are creating / uploading in the Instagram and TikTok App's. 

2. Are there other places I can find copyright-free and royalty-free music?

Yes!  Search Google for 'copyright-free' and 'royalty-free' music.  Note: The royalty-free music websites may require you to pay for an individual song OR pay a monthly subscription to access their library of options.  When downloading songs from third-party websites, you'll likely need to add the music to your content outside of Instagram or TikTok - before posting to Reels, etc.  If you are an Instagram expert, there may be a way to import the music directly into your Instagram account as well.


Here are a few suggested third-party websites that offer copyright-free or royalty-free music:

Royalty-Free Websites:

Copyright-Free Websites:


If you have any questions or need help email us >>

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