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The Most Impactful NIL Companies - Business Insider

The Most Impactful Companies Helping Student-Athletes, College and Others Navigate NIL

The Most Impactful NIL Companies - Business Insider

College sports have dramatically transformed in the last two years since the introduction of name, image, and likeness, or NIL, monetization for student-athletes.

​Millions of dollars in advertising spend and licensing deals, once reserved for colleges and universities, are now starting to trickle down to players. The NIL business is still in its infancy, changing month to month as new businesses and ways to make money enter the field.

"It really is the first inning here of a nine-inning game, and rules are pretty wide open right now," said Bill Jula, whose company Postgame helps athletes join influencer-marketing campaigns for big brands.

Postgame runs large campaigns for more than 50 brands

Main clients: Student-athletes, brands

Why it matters for the NIL industry: Postgame said it connects companies with more than 65,000 athletes on its platform for large campaigns with hundreds of athletes at a time.

"Most brands are thinking of this from the standpoint of, 'How do we reach people across the entire country and do some hyper-local targeting through 10 or 20 athletes in those regions?'" Postgame co-founder and CEO Bill Jula told Insider.

Popular brands like Adidas, Crocs, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Reebok, and Urban Outfitters have partnered with student-athletes through the platform. Postgame also built and runs the technology for Adidas' ambassador program that works with college athletes at Adidas-sponsored schools to promote the brand.

Postgame's primary revenue stream comes from the management and service fees it takes from more than 50 brand partners.


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