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Postgame NIL Opportunity!

Company Name: Tangle Teezer

About The Campaign: 

As a college athlete influencer you will be able to help promote Tangle Teezer's variety of hair brushes and hair products.

If selected, we will provide you with more campaign details - including the exact amount you will earn, required posts and more. 

Requirement: 2-3 Social Media Posts

Platform: IG & TikTok

  • Instagram Feed (2-5 Photos carousel),

  • Instagram Reel (:30+ Video)

  • Instagram Story


  • Gifting (Free Product)

  • Guaranteed $$ Payment (dependent on your NIL value, etc)

  • Bonus Opportunity for great, timely content.

Screen Shot 2024-02-28 at 10.49.17 AM.png

*Your cash payment depends on many factors, including your NIL value, the value of free product received, and more. If selected, we will send you an offer through direct message. Bonus available for reliability and exceptional content.

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