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The Postgame NIL Value is a combined estimate of what a student-athlete could earn annually from their Name, Image & Likeness from influencer marketing, appearances and more.  The valuation is used primarily as a way to give our member athletes a sense of how they compare to 60,000+ other student-athletes around the country - and is not meant to be an actual indicator of what a student-athlete will earn from their participation in a Postgame NIL Campaign.


Our calculation is based on a combination of factors including:


  • Social Media Popularity (Follower #'s)

  • Social Media Engagement % 

  • College

  • Sport

  • Position

  • Media Exposure

  • Other Intangibles

Postgame uses the valuation primarily as a way to 'group' each student-athlete into Tier's - allowing us the ability to quickly ascertain what impact each player has on the overall campaign budget and whether they are eligible.  Payment amounts offered to each student-athlete may vary widely for each each campaign depending on the brand budget and what other benefits are being offered (i.e. free apparel, commissions on sales, etc).

Postgame NIL Valuations are updated on a regular basis and can be viewed within the Postgame App and on our public player portal.


Every student-athlete has the opportunity to negotiate payment terms and is under no obligation to agree to participate should those terms not be met.   


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