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Postgame x CVS 'Meet & Greets'

Postgame Facilitates 7 'Meet and Greets' attended by 1,000's of fans for CVS at Alabama, FSU, Ohio State, UF, Kansas, TAMU and Texas (coverage).

Postgame x CVS 'Meet & Greets'

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Postgame, a sports agency, partnered with CVS to host a meet and greet between fans and star athletes from The University of Florida for free.

Postgame is a Name, image and likeliness agency that connects college athletes with brands all around the country. CVS is one of their brand partners and they’re doing a road show around the country with seven different colleges, The University of Florida being one of them.

Postgame employees held the meet and greet at a CVS in Gainesville.

“We’ve brought out a number of tier one athletes as well as a lot of other athletes around The University of Florida,” shared Bill Jula, the founder of Postgame. “I think there is like 50 of them here including Graham Mertz, Trevor Etienne, Shamar James.”

The athletes signed and took photos with hundreds of fans that attended the meet and greet.

“Showing love to the people that show love to us and just really taking the time to get a chance to share that personal connection with the people that support us on a daily basis is special,” shared Trevor Etienne.

Etienne is a sophomore and he is the running back for the UF football team.

“It’s heartwarming knowing that people like us actually mean something to them, so it just helps you understand the meaning of gator football and what it means to the community.”

Jula says he is happy with the turnout

“I mean, you never know with an event,” shared Jula. “We didn’t spend a whole lot of time promoting it, probably about a week now, so the turnout is absolutely fantastic. It’s actually probably more than we bargained for, but that’s a good thing.”

He can’t wait for more events similar to this one.

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