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Penn State Athletes Watch Private Screening of Woody Harrelson's 'Champions' in NIL Campaign

Central Dailey Times - Penn State athletes watch private screening of Woody Harrelson's 'Champions' in NIL Campaign

Penn State Athletes Watch Private Screening of Woody Harrelson's 'Champions' in NIL Campaign

A number of Penn State athletes watched a screening of Woody Harrelson’s latest sports comedy movie, “Champions,” on Monday night. The private screening took place at UEC Theatres 12 in State College with the event being organized through film studio Focus Features and NIL agency Postgame, which touts itself as managing “the largest Name, Image & Likeness campaigns in all of college sports — for many of the world’s most recognized brands.”

Penn State alumnus and former basketball player Danny Morrissey is a co-founder of Postgame. He said that Focus Features “was great to work with” and “has been awesome” in partnering with colleges and universities around the country to screen “Champions.” “As a sports-related NIL company, having a movie that athletes can be promoting is great,” Morrissey said. “But going a step further, the movie itself is a great story — a feel good story about being inclusive of people with special needs. There’s so many interesting stories out there about basketball, football and other athletic programs that are out there that are inclusive to those with intellectual disabilities.”

When Morrissey played with Penn State, Patrick Northrup-Moore served as the team’s manager. Northrup-Moore has Down syndrome, “a genetic condition that causes delays in physical and intellectual development,” according to the National Association for Down Syndrome. Morrissey is still friends with Northrup-Moore and believes that it’s a unique way to promote the movie with having players that are in-tune with its message. Penn State happened to be one of the target markets for Focus Features — reaching Los Angeles (UCLA), Austin, Texas (University of Texas), and Philadelphia.

“It worked out great that it was my alma mater,” Morrissey said. Also set to appear in the movie are Kaitlin Olson (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), Matt Cook (“Clipped”), Ernie Hudson, Cheech Marin and Mike Smith (Trailer Park Boys), along with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt and Jalen Rose as themselves.

Nearly 500 athletes will have participated in the social media campaign before the movie is in theaters on March 10.

Champions | Official Trailer

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