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Case Study:

Clothing and Retail


“Working with Postgame checked all the boxes: they delivered cost-efficient content that performed, custom-built for our goals and budget, with excellent client service. I look forward to working with the team again in the future”

                                                                                          - Nick Lamothe, Head of Growth

PSD, a rapidly growing brand in the underwear and accessories category, partnered with Postgame to generate high-volume, cost-effective Instagram & TikTok ad content through college athletes. This collaboration significantly boosted PSD's TikTok performance, increasing ROAS and CTR, and adding value across other social media platforms. Discover how college athletes helped drive these impressive results for PSD below.

The Challenge: Generating enough quality ad content to enable PSD’s social media advertising. 

PSD is one of the fastest growing brands in the underwear and accessories category, with a strong Gen Z consumer base and a large social following on TikTok. An analysis of PSD’s TikTok advertising showed an extremely high incremental ROAS (iRAOS) relative to other advertising channels, meaning there was a significant opportunity to scale the spend and performance within this channel.  The challenge was generating enough quality ad content to enable the large increase in budget.

The Solution: Develop a Cost Effective, Volume Channel of College Athlete Creators. 

PSD turned to Postgame to tap into their community of college athletes. Due to their challenge, they were in need of a solution that could offer high-volume, cost efficient TikTok content for advertising that featured and resonated with the Gen Z consumer.

Through their vast community, Postgame identified and selected a diverse group of college athletes that best aligned to PSD’s target consumer, while also identifying athletes capable of properly communicating PSD’s core brand and producing high performing creative content that landed the core product and brand messaging.

The Result: College Athletes Delivered Increased TikTok ROAS and CTR performance

During a 60 day pilot phase (August - October 2023), Postgame sourced content proved to be a significant value driver for PSD’s TikTok advertising. The campaign, which made up 30% of PSD’s TikTok ad budget proved that not only could the content convert and deliver strong results for scaling the channel, but the increased CTR helped fill the funnel for retargeting and bringing new traffic to the site.

  • +44% Conversion Rate above account average

  • +17% greater ROAS than account average.

  • 30% of total channel revenue

  • +29% Click Through Rate (CTR) above account average

As an added impact, PSD ran the top performing TIkTok creatives on the Meta platform. The content had a CTR that was 40% above the account average, with a 19% lower cost per click (CPC). It did not drive an increase in conversion rate above account average on Meta, but was additive in adding cost-effective new visitors to the website.

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