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Congratulations on being selected for this special 'whitelisting' campaign with York Athletics.  You were chosen because York was impressed with your previous content and wants to use their own ad dollars to promote additional content you create.  Your content will be seen by thousands of new people - which should increase your own follower count!

This campaign is different than others.  You will create and upload content (below).  There is no need for you to post. You will simply collaborate with York to give them access to run paid advertising from your account.  Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create Content

  1. Create a :07 - :15 short video (shot vertically).  Workout / Style / Outfit
    Note: This is for athletes chosen to create video.


  2. Record a separate audio file describing why you love the shoes, how you use them, etc.  This voiceover will be added to your video or photo(s).

  3. Take 2 photos of you wearing the shoes.
    Note: This is for athletes chosen to take photos.

Step 2: Whitelist York Athletics to your Instagram Account

Once your content is approved by York you will authenticate (allow) YORK to manage it through your Instagram account.  You can start this process now.  Here are the steps:

  1.  Create a Business Manager account on Facebook.

  2.  Go to 'People and Assets' section in the Business Manager.

  3.  Click on Business Manager Settings => Instagram => Instagram Accounts.

  4.  Click on 'Claim New Instagram Account'. Sign in with your Instagram login.

  5.  Add the Business ID number for York Athletics. 'Assign a Partner'

The Business ID number for York Athletics is:





About The Campaign:

York will feature your York content to a much larger audience using their own advertising dollars!  You provide the raw files (1 video, 1 audio, 2 photos) and grant them access to the content within your account by whitelisting them (think: collaboration).  They will essentially "manage" the post for up to 90 days.  (Note: You have ultimate control over the campaign duration and can end it anytime).  


What is whitelisting?

It's a type of influencer campaign where you allow the brand to put advertising dollars behind your content to have it appear more frequently.  This helps them generate more views and gives you higher engagement rates - which is something advertisers want to see!

Note: Whitelisting does not require you to post the content to your actual profile. 

What is required to whitelist?

  1. Instagram Business Account

  2. Facebook Page - Note: this is integrated with Instagram and easy to set-up.

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