Congratulations on being selected for this Postgame Influencer Campaign with York Athletics!  You should be receiving your free shoes within the next couple of days.  Before you begin posting content, please read the following for campaign Instructions and Suggestions.

You are required to post a minimum of 2x over the next 2 weeks.

  • 2 Instagram Story or TikTok Post

  • 1 Instagram Feed Post

  • Twitter (optional)


Remember, this campaign should be viewed as an audition for you to prove yourself to York - who may choose to work with a selected number of Postgame athletes on a longer term basis.  Do a good job with this for a chance to earn more $$!

York strongly suggests posting VIDEO (e.g. unboxing, initial reaction, product review, testimonial, working out) on IG Story and IG Feed.  At a minimum, IG Story Video and IG Feed post of photos (min. 3 carousel). Save your Video! If they like it, they may request use of the original file. 

Each post should reference your shopping URL and your 20% off Discount Code. Both will be sent in a separate message.  Include your shopping URL in your bio for 30 days. If you have 10K+ Followers include the URL in your IG Story (i.e. Swipe Up).  For all other posts, reference the link in your bio.

ALL of your posts MUST include the following:



  • Caption Tags:  @yorkathleticsmfg   @postgame.official

  • 7 days between Posts (min.)

Twitter (optional):

  • Caption Tags: @YORK_Athletics  @postgame_NIL


  • Caption Tags: @postgame.official

Note: Both companies (York and Postgame) need to be tagged in order to track your posts.


Suggested Talking Points

  1. Transition seamlessly from a workout to a night out with York Athletics footwear.

  2. York Athletics is a 3rd generation, family-run independent footwear brand that's built to help you perform all day, every day.

  3. York Athletics bridges the gap between style and performance.


If you have any questions, please email us at:  info@pstgm.com