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Postgame is one of the first agencies to fully embrace Web3 opportunities for college athletes through our own NFT marketplace (NFT Locker) and NIL branded crypto currency - NIL Coin. 

Over 125 first-ever NFT's have been minted through Postgame since September 2021 AND millions of NIL Coins have been awarded to student-athletes as part of our endorsement campaigns with leading brands.


Become a Nillionaire!




Like many crypto currencies, NIL Coin has the potential to increase in value.  Much like a stock, NIL Coin is traded on exchanges - causing the price of the coin to go up (and down) on a daily basis.


Holding NIL Coin in your Postgame account allows you to delay tax payments for the NIL Campaigns you've participated in until you sell the coin.  This is one reason why professional athletes often take bonuses in crypto such as Bitcoin.


Use cases for NIL Coin as a currency  are evolving. For example, college athletes will soon be able to redeem NIL Coin for Postgame gear and NFT's - eventually serving as a gateway to other items and experiences for the athletes as well as their fans and followers. Stay tuned...

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We created Postgame NFT's to provide our member athletes with another opportunity to earn from their NIL. Athletes earn a % of sales and receive five (5) of their own NFT's - allowing them to benefit from their potential increase in value.


Postgame has minted many of the first-ever NFT's in college sports history. Our member athletes have been some of the first from their respective sport, school, conference, and gender to mint an NFT.  All-Americans, Gold Medalists and future high draft picks have chosen Postgame for their first NFT.


All Postgame NFT's are marketed and sold on NFT Locker - a collaborative effort that makes buying and selling NFT's simple. Buyers of Postgame NFT's can store them within their 'locker' - and have the option to transfer to another platform or re-sell on the NFT Locker marketplace once they become more familiar with Web3.

Ivan Melendez - University of Texas

"The Hispanic Titanic"

College Baseball Player of the Year

Over 125 Postgame NFT mints since September 2021.  Nearly every major program and sport represented. Check out our complete list on NFT Locker >>

 "Nillionaires" by King Marino