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Urban Outfitters x Postgame

Urban Outfitters recently partnered with Postgame to launch a multi-faceted NIL Campaign involving 30 Division 1 athletes from across the country.  The campaign includes some of the most recognized college athlete influencers in the game today including: Cameron Brink (Stanford University WBB), Kelee Ringo (University of Georgia Football), AJ Henning (University of Michigan Football), and Margzetta Frazier (UCLA Gymnastics) to name a few.  The campaign includes social media endorsements (influencer) and appearances at select campuses with Urban Outfitters locations. A few of the more prominent athletes involved in the campaign are listed below with links to their Urban Outfitters posts (if available). 

All Press Inquiries can be directed to Shanica Johnson (

Other Notable Athletes

Chad Johnson Jr. - Arizona State University - Football

Hercy Miller - University of Louisville - Basketball

Devion Smith - Georgia Tech - Basketball

Ishaan Jagiasi - Penn State University - Basketball

Isael Silva - Stanford University - Basketball

Janelle Meono Ivy - UCLA - Softball

Lauren Ware - University of Arizona - Basketball

Tony McCray - Georgia State University - Football

Malachi Holt-Bennett - Indiana University - Basketball

Ronnie Gunter - Drexel University - Lacrosse

Beau Bartlett - Penn State University - Wrestling

Tyler Roche - St. John's University - Baseball

Maidson Leibman - University of Pennsylvania - Soccer

Chandler Hayden - University of Tennessee - Track & Field

Jonas Aidoo - University of Tennessee - Basketball

Trey Patterson - Villanova University - Basketball

Allison Royalty - Florida State University - Softball

Jaida Patrick - Columbia University - Basketball

Jordyn Levy - Indiana University - Soccer

Rickea Jackson - University of Tennessee - Basketball

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