Urban Outfitters x Postgame

Urban Outfitters recently partnered with Postgame to launch a multi-faceted NIL Campaign involving 30 Division 1 athletes from across the country.  The campaign includes some of the most recognized college athlete influencers in the game today including: Cameron Brink (Stanford University WBB), Kelee Ringo (University of Georgia Football), AJ Henning (University of Michigan Football), and Margzetta Frazier (UCLA Gymnastics) to name a few.  The campaign includes social media endorsements (influencer) and appearances at select campuses with Urban Outfitters locations.

A few of the more prominent athletes involved in the campaign are listed below:

Other Notable Athletes

Chad Johnson Jr. - Arizona State University - Football

Hercy Miller - University of Louisville - Basketball

Devion Smith - Georgia Tech - Basketball

Ishaan Jagiasi - Penn State University - Basketball

Isael Silva - Stanford University - Basketball

Janelle Meono Ivy - UCLA - Softball

Lauren Ware - University of Arizona - Basketball

Tony McCray - Georgia State University - Football

Malachi Holt-Bennett - Indiana University - Basketball

Ronnie Gunter - Drexel University - Lacrosse

Beau Bartlett - Penn State University - Wrestling

Tyler Roche - St. John's University - Baseball

Maidson Leibman - University of Pennsylvania - Soccer

Chandler Hayden - University of Tennessee - Track & Field

Jonas Aidoo - University of Tennessee - Basketball

Trey Patterson - Villanova University - Basketball

Allison Royalty - Florida State University - Softball

Jaida Patrick - Columbia University - Basketball

Jordyn Levy - Indiana University - Soccer

Rickea Jackson - University of Tennessee - Basketball