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Congratulations on being selected for the latest Postgame Influencer Campaign with Urban Outfitters!  Before sending you campaign instructions (creating content, how/what to post, etc.) you need to order up to $300 worth of FREE product from the Urban Outfitters website. Choose products from BOTH categories:  'Men's/Women's Apparel' and item(s) from the 'Home' category.

Choose your items from this Product Selection PDF >>

Each image within the PDF is hyperlinked directly to the Urban Outfitters website - where you can easily add the item to your Wish List shopping cart (see instructions below).  If you have questions about this ordering process - email Jake Taraska ( - he can walk you through it.  You can also DM us on Instagram.

Important:  Make your $300 budget stretch as far as you can*.  Try to order complete outfits. DO NOT spend all of your $$ on 1-2 expensive items.  Remember, you need to post multiple times for both 'Apparel' and 'Home' categories. 

*It's okay to go over budget.  Total order amount does not need to be exact.  Just don't abuse it!

adobe pdf.png


Written Instructions:

1. Visit the Urban Outfitters Website:

2. Click Sign-In (top right corner) and click Create An Account.

3. Open the Product Selection PDF and choose from a combination of apparel and home items. Each image hyperlinks directly to the Urban Outfitters website.

4. To select items click 'Add To Wish List'

5. When you've finished shopping, visit your Wish List under 'Account'

6. Copy/Paste your Wish List URL into the Postgame Order Form (click button above).

7. Submit

Screenshot Instructions:

Step 1: Homepage >> Sign Up


Step 2: Create An Account


Step 3: Search Items (Use Product Selection PDF)

adobe pdf.png
UO Product Selection.png

Step 4: Adding Items To Wish List


Step 5: Accessing Your Wish List


Step 6: Copy Your Wish List URL


Step 7: Paste Wish List URL into Postgame Order Form

pg order.png
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