Athlete Campaign
Terms of Service

Below is the Scope of Work for this campaign with our brand partner.  By opt-ing into the campaign you agree to fulfilling these requirements to the best of your ability should you be selected to participate.  Additionally, you will be provided with an athlete contract (see example) with campaign timelines/deadlines, payment schedules, branding guidelines and more.  


Company:  Harmless Harvest

Campaign Type: Brand Awareness & Content

Dates of Performance: TBD

Purpose: Athlete will create content to drive awareness and sales of Brand’s product and/or services (the “Brand Product”), to be attributed to clicks originating from the agreed upon tracking link(s) or vanity code as provided by Brand. Brand shall provide the applicable website/URL.


For full details of the campaign purpose and details of the engagement, please refer to the Campaign Recruitment Page.



Cash Payment: Varies per Athlete

Gifting: Sample Pack ($43 value)

Athlete Deliverables

3 posts during time period of approx. 4 weeks (exact dates TBD)

  • 1 TikTok or Instagram Reels (Video)

  • 1 Instagram Feed (Video)

  • 1 Instagram Story (Style Photos)

  • Upload all raw content (2 videos + 5 photos) for approval before posting


Athlete will receive payment within thirty (30) days from the end of the Dates of Performance through the payment services as specified in the Payment Terms section in the Agreement.  Athlete will not receive payment if any portion of the Terms of Service are not completed to the satisfaction of the brand and Postgame (example: quality of content, unreliable (timeline not met), posting guidelines not followed (technical, branding, style guidelines...), etc. 


Following expiration or termination of this SOW, Brand shall continue to pay  Athlete for all Services performed through the end of the applicable SOW Term or SOW Renewal Term as referenced above (or termination date, if applicable) and for all Deliverables for which Brand receives the benefit following such expiration or termination for a period of twelve (12) months, payable at the rate set forth in the Compensation section above. 




Posting Requirements


  • Stories must include a swipe-up link to purchase product

  • Offer a 10% Discount on product

  • All content must tag @harmlessharvest and @postgame.official in image and caption

  • All content must include hashtags #HarvestLeague #HarmlessHarvest in story and in-feed copy

  • All content and captions must be approved prior to going live

Messaging Guidelines

  • Include product name if it feels natural

  • Caption copy must be reviewed by FP team prior to posting 

  • No additional brand tags or hashtags to be included

Style Guidelines

  • Logo/packaging to be frontward facing on bottle 

  • Direct lighting – we prefer natural sunlight

  • Minimal, non-busy background 

  • Minimal shadows

Brand Guidelines

  • Trademarks – avoid mentioning and showing trademarked content (examples: movie titles, product names, songs, etc.…).

  • Language should be inclusive and informative


Technical Guidelines

  • Please shoot in natural lighting and/or outdoors with clean/neutral background

  • Lighting should be bright, even, + inviting - avoid harsh shadows

  • All photos and videos must be in VERTICAL format.

  • Please deliver unfiltered, hi-resolution JPG images and a video file format


  • Ensure appropriateness of content when representing Brand:

  • No nudity.

  • No content that includes illegal activities.

  • No excessive alcohol and/or drug references.

  • No content that may be damaging to your character or Brand’s brand.

  • Do Not display, tag, or mention any other brands (including competing brands) in your post image, tags, or caption. The sole focus of your post should be FP Movement

Additional Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do have the product and logo visible in all content 

  • Do not make any of the following claims

    • “All natural” (because it is not a regulated definition and attracts lawsuits)

    •  “100% organic”

    • “Full of electrolytes” or anything that quantifies the electrolyte count

General Product Claims

  • Certified Organic

  • One ingredient: organic coconut water

  • Fair for Life Fair Trade certified

  • Never thermally pasteurized, we micro-filter instead

  • Naturally hydrating

  • Good source of electrolytes, like potassium

  • Naturally occurring electrolytes

  • Good source of potassium

  • No added sugar

  • Vegan


Failure to abide by the rules and requirements as set forth above will result in i) termination of the agreement between Athlete and Postgame /Brand, ii) suspension of Athlete profile and access to the the Postgame network iii) Athlete will be responsible for repaying Postgame and Brand any cash payments made to the Athlete and the value of the products and/or services the Athlete received.