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Student-athletes currently enrolled at any adidas sponsored college are eligible to apply for the Ambassador program. Once you have joined Postgame and are confirmed as a current student-athlete, you have the unique opportunity to earn money by sharing adidas products to your fans and followers on social media.  Begin by creating your Postgame account using the form below.

Step 1:
Create Your
Postgame Account

Once registered, verified and selected to participate in the adidas Ambassador Program campaign(s) you will be provided an athlete contract outlining details of your agreement with Postgame and our Brand Partner. 

Step 1:   Create your Postgame account.

Step 2:   Get verified as a current student-athlete. Note: DO NOT register if you have recently transferred and no longer play for an adidas sponsored school.  You are not eligible.

Step 3:   Once the program is live for your school, you will receive alerts about opportunities to opt-in to the latest adidas campaign(s).

In addition to earning commissions on completed purchases originating from your activity, additional opportunities to earn with adidas may be determined by your NIL Value and may include additional payment in the form of a flat fee and/or free product. Commissionable earnings are tracked through an athletes unique tracking link (affiliate link), which must be placed in posts to be eligible. 

To learn more about the adidas Ambassador program we encourage you to visit the FAQ Page >>


About Postgame NIL Value - The Postgame network is the largest collection of college athlete influencers - connecting 60,000+ college athletes with brands while also determining NIL valuations based on a combination of social media popularity, engagement, sport, team, marketability and more.


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As always, we encourage you to check with your compliance department before participating in any NIL Campaign.

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