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Congratulations on being selected for this Ruffles NIL opportunity with Postgame!  Before you go any further, please take a moment to sign the campaign contract below:

After you have signed the athlete contract, you are approved to begin creating content.  Before creating, please read the campaign instructions outlined below carefully. Remember, we're looking for you to add some 'swagger' to your content.


When ready, you will upload all of your raw / high resolution content using the Form (button) below.  Include all photos and videos.  If you have any questions about this, email your Postgame campaign manager

Campaign Instructions - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY


Required # of Posts: 1
(Note: Ruffles is primarily interested in your GREAT content (with an emphasis on you uploading LOTS of great photos shot vertically) - If done well, your photos have a chance to be used on Ruffles own media!)


  • 1 Instagram Feed Post (post your best 3-5 photos)

Content Upload Deadline: August 15th

IG Hashtags:  #OwnYourRidges  #RufflesPartner  #NIL #AD
IG Tags: @Ruffles @postgame.official
Twitter Tags: @Ruffles @postgame_NIL


You MUST buy your own bag of chips.

** VERY IMPORTANT - Only use the following sized Ruffles bag when posting content as an:

Individual = Single Serve Bag (note: This is the smallest bag possible.  These can be purchased at local gas stations).

Group / Team = Family Size Bag (note: This will be a much larger bag and will say 'Family Size' or 'Party Size' - Do Not Use this bag if it is only yourself in the photos)

If you use the incorrect bag in your content, you will be asked to re-shoot it.


Campaign Vibe / Examples:
Ruffles is a chip made for the people with easy swagger. As the official chip of the NBA, they encompass more than just basketball. Your content should be authentic, incorporating the Ruffles swag and can showcase what it means to “Own Your Ridges.” Think urban lifestyle content with an Atlanta or Brookly
n vibe to it that showcases some attitude.  Check out some examples below:



Campaign Dont's:

  • Do NOT use any college logos in your content (including your clothing)

  • Do NOT have signage or graffiti of any kind in the background of your content

  • Do NOT show tattoos

  • Do NOT show any car logos

  • Do NOT use or show foul language  

  • Please ensure your outfit does NOT include any third party logos. 

  • Do NOT feature any competitive brands, snack brands or beverage/soda brands. No beverage/snack brands other than Ruffles should be visible in the content.  

  • Do NOT feature any content on a TV

  • Do NOT wear anything with a visible brand name or logo on it  

  • Do NOT post content that has been previously archived.  

  • Do NOT display revealing/suggestive clothing and inappropriate behavior  

  • Do NOT have any spelling or grammar errors in the caption.  

  • Do NOT use personal watermarks, overlays or photoshop the behaviors.  

  • Do NOT use stock photography.  

  • Do NOT indicate over-consumption such as shoving chips in your mouth, showing dozens of empty chip bags, mentioning eating mass amounts of chips, eating an entire large chip bag, etc.  

  • Do NOT have any alcoholic or controversial substances visible  

  • Do NOT indicate that Frito-Lay snacks can or should replace a meal such as “All I needed to eat for lunch was Ruffles”  

  • Please avoid using words/phrases like ‘addicted’, ‘can’t get enough’, “crave” etc. to describe your love of our product. 

  • Do NOT feature children in your content. 

  • Do NOT show pets or animals eating Ruffles. 

  • Please Do NOT incorporate any appropriation of cultural elements, sacred religious symbols, or ethnic garb  

  • If you have tattoos, please ensure they are covered in your photos and videos. Tattoos are considered artwork, so we will be asked if the influencer has rights to share via social—can work around by cropping out of imagery or asking influencers to wear clothing that covers them.

Camera Orientation:

All photos and videos must be shot vertically. 

*** FTC Guidelines ***

MATERIAL DISCLOSURES AND COMPLIANCE WITH FTC GUIDELINES. When publishing posts/statuses about Postgame products or services and the Brand’s products or services, you must clearly disclose your “material connection” with Postgame and the Brand, including the fact that you are being provided with certain experiences and/or being paid. The above disclosure should be clear and prominent and made in close proximity to any statements that you make about Postgame and/or the Brand and it's products or services. This disclosure is required regardless of any space limitations of the medium (e.g. Instagram), where the disclosure can be made via Hashtags, e.g. #sponsored. Your statements should always reflect your honest and truthful opinions and actual experiences. You should only make factual statements about Postgame and/or the Brand and it’s products or services which you know for certain are true and can be verified.

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