You Are Eligible!

Company:  Reebok

Category:  Footwear (Basketball)

Shoe Name:  The Question

Campaign Type: Product Review

Social Media: Instagram / TikTok / Twitter

Type:  Video and Photo

Details:  Story + Feed

Payout: $$$ + Free Shoes ($150 Value)
Cash Payout amount will be determined if/when you are selected


Opt-In Deadline: October 12, 2021

Influencer Selection: October 15, 2021

Campaign Start Date: November 1, 2021
Estimated Timeline

Campaign Requirements:

  • 1 Instagram Feed (3 Image carousel) with a link to shop retail in bio.

  • 1 Instagram Story (min. 1 Video and/or 3 frames) with a link to shop retail in story.

  • 1 TikTok Video (optional)

  • 1 Tweet (optional)

Athlete MUST agree to authenticate their Instagram account with Creator IQ in order to allow Reebok to understand your audience and campaign activity.

About the Shoe:

The Question was the first signature shoe designed for Allen Iverson. The Question is considered the 8th best basketball sneaker of all-time from any brand, according to ESPN. View the shoe:


Who We're Looking For:
Higher profile college basketball players (Male or Female) ages 17-23 whose hobbies include consuming basketball across all platforms and a desire to put their own generational stamp on the sport.  Up and comers who are defining the sport through their own unique style. Trendy, cutting edge, and different. Someone with a mix of street, the basketball tunnel and an underlying heritage of influence.  Something we refer to as a 'Swag Scholar'.


Note: If you are approved for this campaign you will receive an email/text with INSTRUCTIONS on how/what to post.  Do not post until you have been approved.


In the meantime, add your preferred payment method to your account in the Postgame App (e.g. CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, etc.).  If you do not add this information, you will not get paid.