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Company:  Reebok

Sports: Any

Industry:  Footwear 

Type: IG Feed + IG Reels or TikTok

Gender:  Male & Female

Follower Minimum:  10,000+

Payout: Cash and Footwear (valued at $250)

Opt-In Deadline:  11/7/2022

Campaign Start Date:  TBD

The expected turn around time for athletes to complete this campaign will be very fast.  Do not opt-in for this campaign if you are unable to create content within the next couple of weeks.


Campaign Requirements:

Two (2) Posts:


  • 1 Instagram Feed Post (video + cover photo)

  • 1 Instagram Reels Post (including cover photo)*

  • 1 Tik Tok Video Post (only if you have a significant TikTok following). 

* Feed Post and Reel Post cannot be the same content.  We are looking for two unique sets of content.

Note: If you are approved for this campaign you will receive an email/text with INSTRUCTIONS on how/what to post. Do not post until you (and your content) have been approved.


In the meantime, add your preferred payment method to your account in the Postgame App (e.g. CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, etc.).  If you do not add this information, you will not get paid.

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