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The stresses and pressures on college athletes are real. High expectations from coaches, family, friends, fans - pressures to perform on the court and in the classroom - can be overwhelming.


At Postgame we are proud to play a small part in helping college athletes tell their stories and talk about mental health through our brand partner Quizlet during Mental Health Awareness Month.


A big thank you to the Quizlet team for their leadership on this important topic.

Postgame Member
Danielle Lynch - Memphis - Track & Field


Kayla Keiser

Georgia Tech - Volleyball

Tariq Speights

Eastern Michigan - Football

"As the father of a Division 1 athlete the mental health campaign with Quizlet was near and dear to my heart.  Between travel, classes, study, practice, weights, managing finances - and now NIL - there's a lot for college athletes to take on. Finding creative ways to deal with stress when times get tough is often what determines their success both on and off the field."


Bill Jula

CEO & Co-Founder


Cayden Henschek

Wisconsin Parkside - Wrestling

Kaylany Steele

UCLA - Gymnastics

"Student-athletes on campuses are hit with more pressure to perform and excel. They live such hectic schedules with so many expectations... There’s not really much time to stop and process anything."


Josie Nicholson

Sports Psychologist

University of Mississippi

Camille Vitoff
Towson State - Gymnastics

Chase Saldate

Michigan State - Wrestling

"A new U.S. survey examining Gen Z attitudes toward mental health and learning shows that it remains an issue critical to success for the modern learner, with 57% of respondents indicating their mental health remained the same or got worse compared to last school year."

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 3.41.11 PM.png

Quizlet Survey Reveals the State of Mental Health and the Modern Learner
Qualtrics Insight Platform

Trey Creamer

UNC Charlotte - Football

Seny N'diyae

West Virginia - Basketball

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