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The leading full service Name, Image & Likeness agency for brands and college athletes extends influencer data to its partners

June 13, 2022 - Sarasota, FL - Postgame announced the release of its own public facing player portal of 60,000 college athlete influencers.  The portal, designed specifically for Postgame brand partners, extends the functionality of the existing Postgame App currently used by college athletes to manage their endorsement opportunities and Name, Image & Likeness (NIL) Valuation.  The player portal gives brands the added ability to research college athlete influencers - oftentimes the first step in building a large scale campaign for which Postgame is known to manage. 


“This first version of our player portal gives our brand partners a better sense of who's available for influencer campaigns," said Bill Jula, CEO & Co-Founder of Postgame. "Although important, identifying college athletes is only a fraction of what goes into a successful endorsement campaign - particularly one at scale. This particular audience of influencers (college athletes) presents a unique set of challenges - something a full service, hands-on agency like Postgame understands very well."

In addition to giving brands the ability to do initial research on each of the 60,000+ college athlete NIL Valuations, the new player portal also ranks each player according to sport, team and conference - and will soon include the ability to view endorsement history, campaign metrics and content.  Some of this same functionality will also be extended to the athletes themselves - giving them the ability to control how they are perceived by brands.

The passage of NIL laws in July 2021  finally gave college athletes the right to earn from their Name, Image & Likeness - and conversely, allowed brands to begin aligning themselves with this new authentic group of influencers .  Some of the world's largest brands (DoorDash, Reebok, Free People Movement, Urban Outfitters, Foot Locker, Sports Illustrated, Harmless Harvest, Slate, Quizlet) have asked Postgame to help manage large scale campaigns involving thousands of college athletes - including a first of its kind ambassador network with one of the largest footwear brands in the world.

"Our player portal does exactly what the spirit of NIL was intended to do - it gives every college athlete a better chance to earn by making them more visible to brands," said Co-Founder and former Penn State basketball player Danny Morrissey. "Everything we do as a company - from this latest player portal to the original Postgame App for athletes - as well as the expansion of our team internally - creates opportunity. It's an exciting time to be in this space and an even more exciting time to be a college athlete."

The 60,000 college athletes listed in the Postgame player portal have a combined reach of over 140,000,000 Instagram Followers with engagement rates averaging well into double figures - making them one of the most effective group of influencers available - as evidenced by recent 6-figure deals secured by Paige Bueckers (UConn), Olivia Dunne (LSU) and a number of 5 star football recruits.

Unlike exchanges and/or marketplaces run by vendors whose player data is limited only to participating athletes at select schools, the Postgame player portal gives brands the one-stop-shop they need to discover ANY athlete - regardless of the school they attend.  Conversely, the athletes themselves can engage with any opportunity - regardless of whether the brand is an official partner of the school and/or their preferred vendors. 

Postgame Player Portal.png

About Postgame

Postgame is a leading NIL Agency that global brands trust to navigate the new era of college athletics.​ Our experience, team and technology allow us to manage sports marketing campaigns at scale for our brand partners.  Check out some of our recent campaign examples or schedule a call to find out more about how we're changing the game!  College Athletes can join Postgame by visiting the company website and downloading the Postgame App at  

Press Inquiries

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