You Are Eligible!

Company:  POSTGAME

Sports: Any

Follower Count: No Minimum!

Content:  Video Creation (:30 - :60)

Contest Payout: 1st Place: $1,000

*Cash Rewards for 2nd Place ($250) and 3rd Place ($200)


About The Contest:

Can you create an awesome video telling the world about everything we do here at Postgame?  NIL Endorsement deals, NFT's, NIL Coin, the Postgame App, How We Pay Athletes, What it's like working with our campaign team...


For this campaign, there are no rules.  We're leaving the creative direction of this video 100% up to you!

There's also no requirement to post your video to your social media.  We're simply looking for great content.


We're paying $1,000 for the best Postgame promotional / hype video that leverages a college athletes Name, Image & Likeness. If you're good on camera, have creative ideas, good editing skills, access to a high quality camera, and know how to promote - this is the NIL Campaign opportunity for you! 

If selected for the campaign, here's how it will work:

  1. Create a :30 - :60 video 

  2. Submit Video to Postgame

  3. We Select the Top 10 Finalists

  4. Finalists are posted on our IG Story

  5. Our Followers Vote on each video

  6. 1st Place Wins $1,000

  7. 2nd Place Wins $250

  8. 3rd Place Wins $200

A select number of chosen athletes will also receive a free Postgame T-Shirt to wear in their video (optional). 



Opt-In Deadline: 4/13/22

Athlete Selection: 4/15/22

Content Deadline: 5/6/22

Winner Selection: 5/13/22
Estimated Timeline

Note: Not everyone will be selected to participate.  For those chosen, all content submitted is available for commercial use by Postgame for 180 days as outlined in our campaign agreement.