Company:  Postgame Apparel Promotion!

Social Media Channel: Instagram 

Posting Deadline:  11/22/2022

Campaign Requirements:

  • 1 Instagram Reel + Cover Photo + Feed Share

About The Campaign:
Postgame will be mailing out over 1,000 Postgame T-shirts, Hoodies, Shorts and Hats to college athletes in October.  In return for the free apparel and the opportunity to earn $$ bonus for great content, each athlete will create an Instagram Reel Video (:15 - :30) wearing the Postgame gear during a workout and tag @postgame.official.  Each Reel will include a cover photo and shared on the IG Feed. 

In addition to the free apparel, Postgame will reward athletes who create great content (see example below) with cash bonuses ranging from $20 - $200 as well as NIL Coin (cryptocurrency) which can be sold on the open market or redeemed for other items within the Postgame app (coming soon). 

This is a great opportunity for many of you to prove yourself as a content creator - which will put you on our radar for future NIL deals with our brand partners.  Think of this as a try-out with a chance to earn $$!

IvyannaLewis_FortScottCC_Postgame4 (1).jpg