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Company:  Postgame Apparel Promotion!

Social Media Channel: Instagram 

Posting Deadline:  Post within 5 days of receiving your apparel.

Campaign Requirements:

  • 1 Instagram Reel + Cover Photo + Feed Share

  • Tag: @postgame.official

About The Campaign:
Congratulations on being selected to participate in our latest T-Shirt / Hoodie NIL campaign!

In return for the free apparel and the opportunity to earn $$ bonus for great content, each athlete will create an Instagram Reel Video (:15 - :30) wearing the Postgame gear during a workout and tag @postgame.official.  Each Reel will include a cover photo and shared on the IG Feed. Make sure the Postgame logo is clearly visible in your videos and photos.

In addition to the free apparel, Postgame will also reward athletes who create great content (see example below) with cash bonuses ranging from $20 - $200 as well as NIL Coin which can be redeemed for other items (including the latest Postgame designs) within the Postgame app (coming soon). 

Note: After you have completed your 1 Reel requirement you can continue to earn 200,000 NIL Coin each time you post an IG Story of you wearing your Postgame gear.  Don't forget to tag us @postgame.official

This is a great opportunity for many of you to prove yourself as a content creator - which will put you on our radar for future NIL deals with our brand partners.  Think of this as a try-out with a chance to earn $$!

IvyannaLewis_FortScottCC_Postgame4 (1).jpg
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