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Working with college athletes on an influencer campaign at scale is incredibly challenging.  Between AM workouts, classes, practice, travel, games, tutoring, meals... it's a full-time job finding reliable athletes who can produce quality content for your brand in a timely manner.  

Postgame has the technology, the team and most importantly the experience of working with thousands of college athletes to manage your campaign. Learn more about our process below.

Postgame Member
Jake Goodman - Eastern Michigan - Football



Examples of our favorite Postgame™ athletes endorsing a few of our brand partners can be found below. Brands include: Free People Movement, Reebok, Slate Milk, Quizlet, Sports Illustrated, Urban Outfitters, Door Dash, York Athletics, Harmless Harvest, Izod and others.


An updated feed of the latest 100 Postgame member IG Story posts can also be found under our Instagram 'NIL Example' highlight icon as well as recently tagged Instagram Feed posts by our member athletes.

Postgame Member
Tariq Speights- Eastern Michigan - Football


Free People Movement is the first all female brand that Postgame has worked with.  The partnership is currently in its third phase having already included nearly 100 female athletes since August 2021.  The brand is one of the most popular campaigns featured by Postgame and continues to produce high quality content and results for the brand.

Participating athletes from: Wake Forest, Florida, Oregon, UCLA, Princeton, USC, Colorado, Stanford, Michigan, Alabama, MSU, Utah, Clemson...

View the Free People Campaign Overview Page >>

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A number of hand-picked college athletes from California based colleges kicked off a NIL Campaign with one of the newest Postgame brand partners -  Harmless Harvest.  The campaign, which launched at the end of the academic year as many student-athletes were completing final exams and/or participating in end of the year tournaments - included a combination of video and photo posts to their Instagram and TikTok.

Participating athletes from: UCLA, California-Berkely, Stanford, USC, Long Beach State, San Diego State University, and others...
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Reebok is the first of the major athletic shoe brands to do a large scale NIL campaign working with athletes who play for schools under contract with competing brands.  The campaign generated some of the first higher quality content in the NIL era - as many of the athletes recruited videographers and editors to assist them with content creation.

Participating athletes from: Illinois, Notre Dame, Texas, Ohio State, Arizona, UCLA, South Carolina, New Mexico, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas...

View the Reebok Campaign Overview Page >>

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Slate is the first NIL Campaign facilitated by Postgame in the sports drink category.  The chocolate beverage packs 20g of protein with 0g of sugar.  Nearly 50 college athletes from across the country created over 200 pieces of content (videos and photos) to help spread the word about this delicious beverage.

Participating athletes from: FSU, Tennessee, Alabama, Wyoming, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma State, Miami, Penn, Texas A&M, Virginia, Memphis...

View the Slate Milk Case Study >>

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The first Educational / Software driven opportunity to be offered by Postgame - the Quizlet campaign includes a combination of video and photo content featuring college athletes using the popular study app while traveling, in the locker room and more.  The campaign also features testimonials concerning the challenges of being a student-athlete, special content dedicated to Mental Health during Mental Health Awareness Month and what it takes to excel on and off the court.

Participating athletes from: UCLA, Clemson, Michigan, Texas, Illinois, Baylor, Tennessee, UK, Alabama, WVU, Louisville, Auburn, Ohio State, Florida, Minnesota...

View the Quizlet Mental Health portion of this campaign >>

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Sports Illustrated / JC Penney leveraged the Postgame network of college athletes to launch a brand new line of Sports Illustrated athletic apparel.  Athletes across multiple sports at Power 5, HBCU and Mid-Major programs have created a variety of content (video and photo) for Instagram and TikTok. A second phase of the campaign is currently underway.

Participating athletes from: Nebraska, Miami, Grambling, FSU, Tulsa, Eastern Michigan, Alabama, Texas State, LMU, UNM, Tennessee, and more...

View the Campaign Overview Page >>

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The Urban Outfitters campaign is the first pure style brand influencer campaign to be offered to Postgame members. Each outfit was hand picked by the Urban Outfitters team to correspond to the style of each athlete.  A combination of video and photo content was posted by each athlete to their Instagram channel.
Participating athletes from: Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Purdue, South Carolina, Providence, Oklahoma, LSU, Georgia Tech, Duke, Arkansas...

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Door Dash is the first food delivery service to work with Postgame.  Popular among the college crowd, the Door Dash campaign featured over 150 participating athletes across the country.  In addition to content created by each athlete, Postgame also produced over 300 custom pieces of content that leveraged each athletes' likeness - and was shared repeatedly over a 30 day period.

Participating athletes from: UMASS, SMU, Minnesota, ODU, NC State, Ohio State, Texas A&M, TCU, Rice, Arizona State, Miami, Kansas, Ole Miss...

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Izod recently tapped Postgame to identify dozens of male college athletes to promote their line of apparel.  Participating athletes were from a cross-section of sports at colleges from around the country.  Schools included: Purdue, Ole Miss, UCLA, Wake Forest, Arkansas, Baylor, Maryland, UNLV, Oregon and more...  

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York Athletics was one of the very first shoe brands (if not THE first) to work with college athletes in the NIL era.  Phase 1 included 50+ athlete influencers from a cross-section of sports and regions. Participating athletes were awarded two pairs of York Athletic shoes and cash compensation. 

York Athletics is now running paid advertising from the UGC and is in the middle of a Phase 2 whitelisting campaign using Postgame.  Participating athletes from: UNC, Oregon, Florida, Georgia, Syracuse, Princeton, New Mexico, UNF, EMU, and more...

View the York Athletics Case Study >>

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