1. Post the Postgame logo to your Instagram FEED for 2 weeks.  Use this link to download the correct Postgame Logo image:

2). Tag the Image @postgame.official


3). Copy/Paste the folllowing Caption:

College Athletes... Get in the Game! Earn from your Name, Image & Likeness with Postgame. 

Endorsement Opportunities, NFT's, NIL Coin Crypto Rewards and more. Thousands of college athletes rewarded for their NIL through Postgame since July.

#NIL @postgame.official



That's it!  Once we're alerted about your post, we will add 1,000,000 NIL Coin to your Postgame account within 24 hours.  Hold onto your NIL Coin, Trade it for USD $$.  It's up to you...

Note:  Everyone who participates will receive an additional opportunity to earn more NIL Coin for an additional promotion.  Stay tuned...


What is NIL Coin?

NIL Coin is the first official crypto currency designed to reward college athletes for their Name, Image & Likeness. Launched in January 2022, the coin is available to trade on crypto exchanges such as Coin Tiger, Coin Gecko and Uniswap.  

Why should I own NIL Coin?

Similar to Bitcoin, NIL Coin has the potential to increase in value over time - particularly as the utility of the coin matures. Postgame is the official launch partner of NIL Coin and will be adding ways to use NIL Coin within the new Name, Image & Likeness 'economy' (e.g. Postgame NFT's).

What are NFT's?
Think of NFT's as digital trading cards where unique ownership can be proven through an online ledger called the blockchain.  Postgame is creating many of the first-ever NFT's of college athletes in history through
NFT Locker.