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Postgame NIL Opportunity!


Be one of the first 100 college athletes in history to wear (and promote) a Postgame Trucker style hat.  Opt-In to be considered - and if selected, use this opportunity to prove yourself as a creator/influencer with the Postgame Team AND earn up to $25 in Bonus $$ if your video and photos are great! Wear your Postgame Hat in any of the following settings: 1). Workout 2). After a Game / Practice (letting the world know it's 'post' game time 3). An actual postgame press conference ($100 guaranteed bonus if you pull this off).

We may provide a videographer to a few selected athletes based on NIL Value.

Opt-In to be considered.   If selected, you will be provided with further instructions on March 28th.

Screen Shot 2024-02-28 at 10.49.17 AM.png

Postgame Trucker Hat

Requirements: 2 posts


  • Instagram Feed (3 Photos), 

  • Instagram Reel (1 Video / :15-:30 length), 


  • Postgame Hat + Cash $$ Bonus Opportunity

Note: Being involved in this initial Postgame Hat campaign will make you eligible for future Postgame apparel campaigns. Think of this as a try-out!

Opt-In Deadline: March 27th

*Your cash payment depends on many factors, including your NIL value, the value of free product received, and more. If selected, we will send you an offer through direct message. Bonus available for reliability and exceptional content.

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