The first official cryptocurrency to reward college athletes for the use of their Name, Image & Likeness.


We've added NIL Coin to your Postgame account!  To claim your NIL Coin you must first help us promote it with a series of Instagram Posts.  Don't worry, we'll provide you with some cool custom content to make it real easy.

Be one of the first college athletes in history to own NIL Coin!  Check out the current price here >>

Note: If you have already participated in this campaign, we will be offeirng you an additional opportunity to earn more NIL Coin soon!  Stay tuned...

Company:  NIL COIN

Category:  Cryptocurrency

Requirement:  College Athletes Only
# of Posts:  1 IG Feed / 3 IG Story

Payout: Cash TBD* + NIL Coin + Free T-Shirt **

Opt-In Deadline: December 31

About NIL Coin:

NIL Coin is THE cryptocurrency for Name, Image & Likeness.  Through Postgame, our member athletes will now have the option to be rewarded for their NIL campaigns in both CASH and/or NIL Coin.  Become a #NILLIONAIRE!

Why would I want to own NIL Coin?

As a Postgame member you have a unique opportunity to be one of the first holders of NIL Coin in history. Owning a cryptocurrency at an early stage is a great way to participate in the future of the digital economy.  Many pro athletes are starting to do deals that compensate them in cryptocurrency. College will be no different - thanks to NIL Coin. 

* In accordance with current NIL laws, you must provide value using your Name, Image & Likeness in order to receive any type of compensation.  The NIL Coin that has been airdropped to you is not available to you until AFTER you have completed this promotion and provided us with the value required.

NIL coin.png

* Depending on your NIL Value you may be eligible for additional cash compensation - which will require you to also create a promotional video.

** Free T-Shirt is limited to the highest valued athletes involved in this campaign.


Note: If you are approved for this campaign you will receive an email/text with INSTRUCTIONS on how to begin promoting NIL Coin.


In the meantime, add your preferred payment method to your account in the Postgame App (e.g. CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, etc.) - as well as your current mailing address.