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Working with college athletes on an influencer campaign at scale is incredibly challenging.  Between AM workouts, classes, practice, travel, games, tutoring, meals... it's a full-time job finding reliable athletes who can produce quality content for your brand in a timely manner.  

Postgame has the technology, the team and most importantly the experience of working with thousands of college athletes to manage your campaign. Learn more about our process below.

Postgame Member
Jake Goodman - Eastern Michigan - Football



Postgame offers our brand partners a variety of ways to customize and upgrade their campaigns with enhanced media through our nationwide network of photographers and videographers. 


Enhanced media is built into every campaign at an individual UGC level however,  additional opportunities to coordinate more choreographed / commercial grade content is also available.  These include highlight videos and school / team-wide activations. 

Check out some examples below >>


Note: These are 16x9 examples. If you would like to view vertical format, please email us or visit our Instagram page for examples.  We have plenty!
Commercial Grade

Postgame can deploy a full team of media specialists to coordinate and direct full length feature / commercial style videos.  For more examples please contact us.

Individual Enhanced UGC

Postgame can ensure quality content for our brand partners through individual media sessions with select athletes.  These are often provided to the most visible athletes and integrated into the overall campaign budget.
Highlight Video

For brands looking to do team-wide activations, Postgame offers enhanced media services to both the individual players on each team as well as a team highlight video documenting the activation.
TEAM - Scripted Video

Postgame can coordinate more choreographed style videos and photos for our brand partners.  These videos may include developing scripts and multiple shoots with additional teams and locations.
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