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Take advantage of dozens of elevated moments during this years March Madness by aligning your brand with Men's & Women's college basketball players during peak visibility across their social media channels.  Postgame can facilitate a campaign with hundreds of players likely to play in this years tournament - giving you a library of opportunity (content and posts) that can be leveraged by your brand throughout the tournament and beyond. 

For more information about launching an NIL campaign for your brand around March Madness, email us at



Last Year...

Postgame and Urban Outfitters capitalized on one of the biggest moments in March Madness history - outfitting San Diego State's Lamont Butler within hours of hitting a last second shot to send SDSU to the championship game.  Butler created content and posted Urban Outfitters content that achieved a 45% engagement rate following the big shot. 

Screen Shot 2024-01-22 at 4.32.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-22 at 4.32.29 PM.png

This Year...

Postgame and Crocs capitalized on the biggest moment in this years College Football Playoff Championship semi-finals (Michigan vs. Alabama) and the Iron Bowl (Alabama vs. Auburn) as two Wide Receivers participating in the campaign were involved in this years biggest moments to end each respective game. Roman Wilson (Michigan) and Isaiah Bond were involved in the Crocs campaign and had posted content just days before each made historical catches.  Engagement for each UGC post increased significantly in those proceeding hours.  Additionally, Crocs had the ability to to boost the content further through their own social channels.

Screen Shot 2024-01-22 at 5.18.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-22 at 5.21.04 PM.png

Postgame can work with any athlete regardless of representation, school, etc.  These are the programs we currently feel have the best chances to make a strong run into the tournament.  We highly recommend brands consider a campaign that could capitalize on as many players as possible.


  • Purdue

  • Houston

  • Arizona

  • Connecticut

  • Kentucky

  • UNC

  • Auburn

  • Tennessee

  • Kansas

  • Duke

  • Marquette

  • Alabama

  • Baylor

  • Creighton

  • Illinois

  • FAU

  • Michigan State

  • And Others...


  • South Carolina

  • LSU

  • Iowa

  • UCLA

  • UConn

  • Colorado

  • Stanford

  • NC State

  • Baylor

  • And Others...

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