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Opt-In only if you have NOT opted-in or participated in a previous Lulus campaign.

Company:  Lulus

Campaign Theme:  "Summer / Cocktail Category"

Sports: Any

Gender:  Female

College Level:  D1 Athletes

Campaign Type: Lifestyle, GRWM 

Type: IG Feed + IG Reels + TikTok

# of Posts: Up to 3

Payout: Cash + Free Apparel (valued $200+)

*Cash Reward dependent upon your determined NIL Value.
Bonus available for reliability and exceptional content.

Opt-In Deadline:  May 14, 2023

Campaign Start Date:  June 1, 2023

Campaign Requirements:

Total Posts = Up to 3.  Some combination of:

  • IG Feed (Video or Photos)

  • IG Reels (:15 - :20 Video)

  • TikTok (Video)

Note: If you have a larger TikTok following you are expected to post to TikTok. If you do not, you will be expected to make an additional post on Instagram.


About The Campaign:

Lulus is looking for college athletes (with an emphasis on athletes in the South, Southwest and Southeast) to promote their exclusive and affordable luxury women's styles in this 'Winter to Spring transition' campaign. Your content will show how you style Lulus for moments in your everyday life as a student-athlete.  View the Lulus Fall Campaign style guide.



See below for examples of past influencer campaigns:


Note: If you are approved for this campaign you will receive an email/text with INSTRUCTIONS on how/what to post. Do not post until you (and your content) have been approved.


In the meantime, add your preferred payment method to your account in the Postgame App (e.g. CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, etc.).  If you do not add this information, you will not get paid.

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