Congratulations on being selected for this Postgame Influencer Campaign with LEGENDS!  You may be receiving your free LEGENDS Outfit as early as today.  Be ready to promote on Instagram and/or TikTok! 


You will need to post 3x over the next 10 days.  We strongly suggest you create all of your content at one time after you receive your apparel. Give yourself plenty of images/photos to use for the additional posts in the coming days/weeks.

  • 2 Instagram Story Posts

  • 1 Instagram Feed Post

  • Tik Tok Posts (optional)


Remember, you also have an opportunity to earn 8% every time your followers purchase from Legends using YOUR DISCOUNT CODE (provided in a separate message).  The code gives your followers a 20% discount on all purchases and tracks your sales. 


Campaign Requirements:

  • Tag @legends and @postgame.official

  • Offer your followers your 20% discount code (provided in separate message)

  • Use the Swipe Up Feature on Instagram Stories to make it easy for your followers to purchase. Send them to https://legends.com and tell them to use your Discount Code.


To get you started, here is some content suggestions:

  1. Unboxing Video or Series of Pictures:

  • Video yourself receiving the LEGENDS package in the mail or take a series of pictures of yourself and the product.

  • Talk about LEGENDS and tell people how they can order through you.

  2. Workout Video or Series of Pictures:

  • Video yourself working out in the LEGENDS apparel and take a series of pictures.

  • Post a slide show / carousel with multiple pictures of you wearing your gear showing how you style it / wear it or working out in the gear to show you putting it through a tough workout

  • A stories sequence where you take a selfie video in the gear telling your followers you are about to put the latest Legends gear through a tough workout, then some pictures or videos of the workout itself, and a recap telling your followers what you thought about the products / how they felt.

  • View examples of Legends content here >>

  3. Additional Still Pictures of you wearing LEGENDS apparel to be used in a Instagram Feed image carousel.

  • More Images of you working out, stretching, etc...  See above.




FTC Guidelines require that you disclose that this is a 'paid promotion' between yourself, Postgame and Legends.  Within an IG Story mention use the following hashtag(s) #sponsored #ads

If you have any questions, please email us at:  info@pstgm.com