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NIL Opportunity!


Congratulations.  You've been identified as a candidate to participate in the latest Hollister NIL Campaign powered by Postgame.  This campaign will feature college athletes wearing school branded Hollister apparel.


As we wait on the final Athlete Contract to be ironed out - we are looking to receive tentative agreements from players who would like to participate based on the campaign requirements outlined below - and the compensation amount we have quoted you.  Note: This does not formally bind you to the deal - but will help us understand who is likely to participate.  This campaign is on a first come, first serve basis - as hundreds of athletes are being considered.  

Please let us know of your intent to participate.

As soon as we have the official Athlete Contract completed, we will send it to you - along with more detailed campaign instructions.  If you have any questions you can email either Aaron Hackett or Jake Taraska with Postgame.

Estimated Campaign Timeline: 
August - September 2024

3-4 Social Media Posts

  • 1 Instagram Feed (5 photo carousel)

  • 1 Instagram or TikTok Reel (:30 - :45 Video).  Videographer provided by Postgame*

  • 1 Instagram Story Post

1 In-Store Appearance / Modeling (optional - only in select markets - TBD - additional compensation will be provided TBD)

Hollister Licensing Rights:
120 Days

Tracking Link Requirement:

Hollister / Postgame will provide each athlete with a universal tracking link to be used within their post (caption, bio, sticker tap) to measure activity and engagement from each post.


  • Agreed upon compensation (see email / text outlining the Postgame / Hollister offer)

  • Free Hollister Apparel

  • Free Videography*

*Videography will be provided to athletes in select markets.

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