Congratulations on being selected for the Harmless Harvest NIL Campaign with Postgame!  Below are your instructions. This campaign requires a combination of videos and photos (IG Feed vs. Reels vs. Story vs. TikTok).  

In the coming days you will receive a 12-pack of Harmless Harvest in the mail to use within your campaign photos and videos.  You will need to create your content ASAP


We suggest creating all of your content at one-time.  Your content needs to be approved before posting.  Upload all of your content using the Form (button) below.  Or you can email your Postgame campaign manager jake@pstgm.com

Please read all of the campaign instructions/details below before creating your content!

Campaign Requirements


Total # of Posts: 3

  • 1 TikTok or Reel (Vertical Video)

  • 1 IG Feed (Video)

  • 1 IG Story (Up to 5 Style Photos)

Note: Videos should be (:15 - :60 in length)

Upload / Posting Timeline:

  • Upload content for approval by: May 25th - May 29th

  • Post content by: June 4th

About The Campaign:

Harmless Harvest is looking for 3 posts of authentic content from college athletes. This can come in the form of:

  • Day in the Life Video (i.e. pre or post workout videos w/ product) - preferred!

  • Product Review / Testimonial Video

  • Unboxing Video

  • Style (Imagery)

  • Other Ideas (Be creative!)

  • Here's a past campaign example >>

Tagging Instructions:

  • Instagram Hashtags / Caption Tags: #HarmlessLeague #HarmlessHarvest

  • Instagram Mentions: @harmlessharvest  @postgame.official

  • TikTok Hashtags / Caption Tags: #HarmlessLeague #HarmlessHarvest

  • TikTok Mentions: @harmlessharvest. @postgame.official

Style / Post Guidelines:

  • Logo/packaging to be frontward facing on bottle 

  • Direct lighting – we prefer natural sunlight

  • Minimal, non-busy background 

  • Minimal shadows


Brand Guidelines:

  • Trademarks – avoid mentioning and showing trademarked content (examples: movie titles, product names, songs, etc.…).

  • Language should be inclusive and informative


General Product Talking Points:

  • Certified Organic

  • One ingredient: organic coconut water

  • Fair for Life Fair Trade certified

  • Never thermally pasteurized, we micro-filter instead

  • Naturally hydrating

  • Good source of electrolytes, like potassium

  • Naturally occurring electrolytes

  • Good source of potassium

  • No added sugar

  • Vegan


Product Information:

  • Harmless Harvest’s coconut water includes naturally occurring electrolytes for hydration, making it an ultra-refreshing beverage 

  • Because of natural electrolyte replenishment, it is a great beverage pre or post sweat sesh 

  • Has no extra ingredients for that straight-from-the-coconut taste 

  • It’s pink, naturally! Coconut water is clear when bottled and can turn pink when its antioxidants interact with the elements (such as light). Instead of hiding this natural variation by adding Vitamin C or citric acid, or pasteurizing, Harmless Harvest embraces the pink hue 

  • It’s micro-filtered, rather than pasteurized or acidified, so it tastes refreshing and delicious every time

Do’s and Dont’s 

  • Do have the product and logo visible in all content 

  • DO NOT make any of the following claims

    1. “All natural” (because it is not a regulated definition and attracts lawsuits)

    2.  “100% organic”

    3. “Full of electrolytes” or anything that quantifies the electrolyte count

    4. "Cold-Filtered"

** IMPORTANT ** All content is expected to remain on your feed(s) for a minimum of 90 days.  Failure to fulfill this obligation will result in a ban from all future Postgame deals - and the brand will be notified.

Upload your content here (or email to jake@pstgm.com). All content MUST be uploaded before May 18th (earlier is strongly suggested). 

*** FTC Guidelines ***

MATERIAL DISCLOSURES AND COMPLIANCE WITH FTC GUIDELINES. When publishing posts/statuses about Postgame products or services and the Brand’s products or services, you must clearly disclose your “material connection” with Postgame and the Brand, including the fact that you are being provided with certain experiences and/or being paid. The above disclosure should be clear and prominent and made in close proximity to any statements that you make about Postgame and/or the Brand and it's products or services. This disclosure is required regardless of any space limitations of the medium (e.g. Instagram), where the disclosure can be made via Hashtags, e.g. #sponsored. Your statements should always reflect your honest and truthful opinions and actual experiences. You should only make factual statements about Postgame and/or the Brand and it’s products or services which you know for certain are true and can be verified.