Congratulations on being selected for this Postgame Influencer Campaign with Free People Movement.  You should have received your free apparel.  If you haven't, let us know!


Below is everything you need to know before you begin promoting Free People. Remember - they are looking for high quality, creative content. Consider this as an opportunity to prove yourself with a chance for more deals with Free People and Postgame! 

You will need to post 4x over the next 6 weeks. This needs to be a combination of IG Stories, IG Feed, IG Reels/IGTV and TikTok - depending upon where your biggest following is.  We encourage you to create as much video as possible showcasing yourself and the Free People clothing. The more production you add to your video(s), the better.  Content must remain on your feed(s) for a minimum of 90 days.

Also, you will be receiving tracking links (separate message) for each piece of clothing as well as a universal tracking link when you post an entire outfit.  For an IG Story post we suggest you lead with a video (linked to the universal tracking link) followed by a carousel of individual photos of each piece of clothing (linked to each clothing link).  

We are NOT requiring your content to be pre-approved before you post to IG or TikTok however, Free People would like for you to upload your content (videos and photos) so they can potentially re-use it in the future on their end.  Please upload your files without the IG Stickers, Mentions, etc. You can upload those here:

Upload Your Raw Files Here:

Posting Requirements:


  • Stories must include a link to outfit

  • All content must tag @fpmovement and @postgame.official in image and caption

  • All content must include #fpmovementpartner in story and in-feed copy

  • 7+ days between posts


  • All content must tag @fpmovement and @postgame.official in caption copy

  • All content must include #fpmovementpartner in caption copy

  • 7+ days between posts

Messaging Guidelines:

  • Tagging @fpmovement (tap tag and in copy), NOT @freepeople

  • Include hashtag #fpmovementpartner, NOT #ad

  • Include product name if it feels natural

  • No additional brand tags or hashtags to be included

Style Guidelines:

  • Outfit must feature full FP Movement outfitting

  • Makeup should be very minimal, natural looking - nothing distinctive

  • No identifiable third-party or competitor products, logos, or labels included in shot

  • No single use plastic featured

Technical Guidelines:

  • Please shoot in natural lighting and/or outdoors with clean/neutral background

  • Lighting should be bright, even, + inviting - avoid harsh shadows

  • Please deliver unfiltered, hi-resolution JPG images and a video file format