Congratulations on being selected for the Fivestar NIL Campaign with Postgame!  There are two (2) phases to this campaign that need to be completed in order. Phase 1 is signing up and announcing you are on Fivestar.  Phase 2 is you endorsing Fivestar with various social media posts. Combined, the campaign requires you to make Four (4) total posts.    

Note: Your content (photos & videos) created for Phase 2 must be uploaded here (see upload button below - or email All content must be approved by Postgame prior to your posting to social media.

PHASE 1: Download >> Upload Highlights >> Announcement Post

Step 1. Download the Fivestar App >>

Step 2. Create Your Profile.

Step 3. Upload 10 of your own Highlight Videos.
Note: Highlights can be from high school, college, national teams, and user generated content including trick shots, competitions, etc. 

Note: Proceed to  Steps 4 & 5 ONLY after you have received your custom Announcement Graphic and Referral URL from Fivestar/Postgame.

Step 4. Post an Announcement Video to your feed - explaining what Fivestar is.  Also, use the Announcement Graphic provided by Fivestar as your cover photo for the video. Here is an example of a video >>

Step 5. Mention your custom Referral URL in your caption.  Place the Referral URL in your bio. Earn an extra $.50 every time your followers click your link and download Fivestar!  

PHASE 2:  Social Media Posts - Total Remaining Posts Required = 3


  • 1 IG Feed Video (Required)

       - AND -

  • 2 IG Stories
    - OR -

  • 1 TikTok* or Reel (Vertical Video)


* Athletes with larger TikTok followings must choose this option

** Videos should be (:15 - :60 in length)

*** Wear your Fivestar Legends apparel in your videos



About The Campaign:

Fivestar App is looking for collegiate athletes to join the Fivestar team in growing the only sports highlight rating app that creates a fun, competitive, and rewarding social platform for athletes.

Tagging Instructions:

  • Instagram Mentions: @fivestar_rated  @postgame.official

  • TikTok Mentions: @fivestar_rated   @postgame.official

Style / Post Guidelines:

  • Show the App - Front Facing

  • Clean your screen

  • Minimal, non-busy background 

  • Minimal shadows

** IMPORTANT ** All content is expected to remain on your feed(s) for a minimum of 120 days.  Failure to fulfill this obligation will result in a ban from all future Postgame deals - and the brand will be notified.

Upload your Phase 2 content using the button below (or email to 

*** FTC Guidelines ***

MATERIAL DISCLOSURES AND COMPLIANCE WITH FTC GUIDELINES. When publishing posts/statuses about Postgame products or services and the Brand’s products or services, you must clearly disclose your “material connection” with Postgame and the Brand, including the fact that you are being provided with certain experiences and/or being paid. The above disclosure should be clear and prominent and made in close proximity to any statements that you make about Postgame and/or the Brand and it's products or services. This disclosure is required regardless of any space limitations of the medium (e.g. Instagram), where the disclosure can be made via Hashtags, e.g. #sponsored. Your statements should always reflect your honest and truthful opinions and actual experiences. You should only make factual statements about Postgame and/or the Brand and it’s products or services which you know for certain are true and can be verified.