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NIL Campaign

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Congratulations on being selected for the Crocs NIL campaign!  You should be receiving your free pair of Crocs any day now.  As part of this paid NIL campaign you are required to make 3 social media posts (see below) over the next two weeks. You must include a personal tracking link on all of your posts - which will be sent to you through Instagram DM shortly - and will need to upload your content for pre-approval before posting (upload button below).  

For many of you, this is a tremendous first opportunity to show Crocs (and other brands) your creativity and reliability.  Make sure you include your Likeness in your posts (i.e. show your face!). Crocs has plenty of pictures of their own products. :)


Brands are always looking for long term brand ambassadors. The higher the camera quality and production, the better.  Crocs is looking for an emphasis on 'Day In The Life, Lifestyle, Get Ready With Me, Pre & Post Workout, Travel Attire...'

Required:  3 social media posts

  • 1 TikTok or Instagram Reels (Video)

  • 1 Instagram Feed (Video or Photos)

  • 1 Instagram Story (2-3 Photos)

* After each post, be sure to also DM Postgame your files (video, photos).  Crocs may want to use them on their social media!

Personal Tracking Link:

  • Add your link to your bio (refer to it in your caption(s) when you post)

  • Add your link as a Swipe Up link in your IG Story

Tagging Requirements:

  • Instagram Mention:  @crocs  @postgame.official

  • Instagram Hashtag:  #comeasyouare

  • TikTok Mention:  @crocs  @postgame.official

  • TikTok Hashtag:  #comeasyouare


In addition to the payment you've already negotiated, Postgame will award exceptional content with bonus $$ at the conclusion of the campaign.  Do your best!

Social Media Tagging:

  • Stories must include a swipe-up link to purchase product (tracking link provided above)

  • All content must tag @crocs and @postgame.official in image and caption

  • All content must include hashtags #comeasyouare in story and in-feed copy

Style Guidelines

  • Logo/packaging to be frontward facing

  • Direct lighting / Minimal shadows

  • Minimal, non-busy background 

Brand Guidelines

  • Trademarks – avoid mentioning and showing other trademarked content (e.g. your college logos - unless approved by compliance - no competing brands, etc)

  • Language should be inclusive and informative


Technical Guidelines

  • Please shoot in natural lighting and/or outdoors with clean/neutral background

  • Lighting should be bright, even, + inviting - avoid harsh shadows

  • All photos and videos must be in VERTICAL format.

  • Please deliver unfiltered, hi-resolution JPG images and a video file format


  • Ensure appropriateness of content when representing brand.

  • No nudity.

  • No content that includes illegal activities.

  • No excessive alcohol and/or drug references.

  • No content that may be damaging to your character or the brand.

For content ideas, be creative - use your imagination.
Here's a few suggestions:

  • Performance - wear your Crocs while doing your sport (be careful!). 

  • Style - wear your Crocs while out on the town.

  • Product Review - Unboxing.  Talk about your Crocs.  Be excited. 

  • Pre-Game / Post-Game (or practice) - show a transition from streetwear to uniform (locker room) and/or vice versa. 

  • Other - Feel free to come up with new ideas.  Make it go viral!


Failure to abide by the rules and requirements as set forth above will result in i) termination of the agreement between Athlete and Postgame /Brand, ii) suspension of Athlete profile and access to the the Postgame network iii) Athlete will be responsible for repaying Postgame and Brand any cash payments made to the Athlete and the value of the products and/or services the Athlete received.

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