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Congratulations on being selected for the upcoming Crocs NIL Campaign with Postgame!  Everyone selected for the campaign is receiving 1 FREE pair of Crocs in return for 2-3 social media posts (Some combination of IG Feed / 1G Story / IG Reel / TikTok*) as part of this gifting and/or paid placement program. Those who qualify for additional cash compensation will receive an additional message from us in the coming days.


Below are 11 different styles of Crocs to choose from - each with it's own colorway option (Colorway is provided within the link in BOLD below). To make your selection, copy/paste the link (URL) into the form button below - along with your size and shipping address. Note: If your size is unavailable - choose a different style/colorway option from the list below.  Also, Crocs tend to run larger than normal footwear.  Choose your size accordingly.


If you place your order this week, your Crocs will most likely arrive by August 13th. We will only make one attempt to send. Make sure the address you provide is where you will be on August 13th, otherwise you will not receive your Crocs and will no longer be a part of the campaign.  We will not make a second attempt to ship them.

Here are your styles and colorway options to choose from:


Note: DO NOT share this ordering form with others - they will not receive FREE Crocs if they were not already chosen for the campaign.

*A TikTok post is only required if you have a significant following.  Otherwise you will be required to post 2 Instagram Reels.