You Are Eligible!

Company:  Flipgrid / Microsoft

Campaign Type: Instructional

Media: Flipgrid Channel + Instagram / TikTok

Content:  Recorded Video / Live Video

Payout:  Cash* 
*Cash Reward dependent upon your determined NIL Value

Opt-In Deadline: 4/1/22

Campaign Start Date: 628/22
Estimated Timeline


For this campaign you MUST have a strong desire to showcase / teach others about a talent you have in sports, hobbies or other areas like arts, music, etc.  You must have a good personality and a strong camera presence.  WE ARE SPECIFICALLY LOOKING FOR ATHLETES THAT HAVE TALENTS BEYOND SPORTS (e.g. Music, Art, Cooking, etc...).

Example:  Female Soccer Player who is also a talented musician teaching others about how to play guitar and talking with her community about what it's like breaking into the music industry and juggling those aspirations with being a student-athlete.

Example:  Male Baseball Player teaching others how to throw different pitches (curveball, slider, change up, etc.) and his development as a pitcher from youth - present day. 


Example: Female Track Athlete teaching others about health & fitness and what she does to stay in shape, maintain flexibility, etc. 

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Basic Campaign Requirements:

  • Create a Flipgrid Account / Channel

  • Produce Educational Content (Min. 3x Video per mo.)

  • Manage Your Channel.  Interact with Your Community

  • Promote Your Channel - Drive Audience Growth


About The Campaign:

Teach.  Inspire.  Be Rewarded!


If you've ever wanted to leverage your Name, Image & Likeness to teach others, this Postgame NIL Campaign with Flipgrid is the perfect opportunity!

Whether your passion as an athlete is teaching others how to improve at your sport - or a desire to showcase your talents beyond athletics, Flipgrid gives you the opportunity to engage your audience of fans and followers with a world class online teaching platform. 


In addition to creating instructional content you will be expected to promote your Flipgrid channel on social media to build your audience.


Athletes will be compensated based on NIL Value, Content Quality, Reliability and more.  To be considered for this campaign, enter your Instagram handle above.  


Note: If you are approved for this campaign you will receive an email/text with INSTRUCTIONS on how/what to post.  We will need your sizing and current mailing address as well.  Do not post until you have been approved.


In the meantime, add your preferred payment method to your account in the Postgame App (e.g. CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, etc.).  If you do not add this information, you will not get paid.