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Postgame helps NIL Coin turn athletes into NILLIONAIRES

A new cryptocurrency designed to reward college athletes for their Name, Image & Likeness partners with Postgame for a large scale promotion to help launch the coin within days.


NIL Coin Rap Video
Produced in collaboration with Postgame and King Marino


"Postgame unleashed an army of athletes and content on the
crypto community.

“We were under the gun to get our Name, Image & Likeness coin launched before the end of 2021.  We turned to Postgame to become our official launch partner for 3 reasons:  1). Postgame had direct access to the largest number of college athlete influencers 2). Postgame had the systems (technology) in place to instantly deliver a full-scale campaign.  3). Postgame had a creative team  in place to to help us create a variety of custom marketing assets.  It was amazing to watch them spring into action.  They literally unleashed an army of athletes and premium UGC onto the crypto community practically overnight"

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 11.38.44 AM.png

David Daly


NIL Coin


  • NIL Coin needed to make a last minute marketing push to launch their new crypto currency - designed to reward college athletes for their Name, Image & Likeness. 

  • With limited time until launch, NIL Coin needed direct access to a high volume of college athletes to help promote their coin, create hype, and instill confidence within the crypto community.

  • NILCoin lacked sufficient internal resources and bandwidth to produce high quality content and was in need of a high volume of UGC to leverage on their organic and paid channels.

  • NILCoin was unable to identify, recruit and affordably partner with college athletes at scale in order to meet their launch timeline.


NIL Coin Story - Kiara Rhodes.png
  • POSTGAME launched full scale athlete influencer campaign within days including recruitment and curations of athlete participants,  creation of custom content, contracting, negotiations and more.

  • Postgame successfully recruited over 145 qualified college athletes into the influencer campaign within 24 hours.

  • A total of 275 short and long form videos (with custom editing done by Postgame) were created, including custom NIL coin graphics that included the athletes likeness.

  • NILCoin successfully launched on time,  experiencing a 2,400% price increase in the proceeding days - adding considerable market cap.



High quality UGC pieces created by Postgame and our athletes


Combined social engagements after 2 weeks


Content production cost reduction vs. other Influencer efforts


NIL Coin opening week price increase

POSTGAME generated awareness among the college athlete community and created hundreds of pieces of UGC used by NIL Coin to promote to their audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.




We also found the time to ship some NIL Coin gear to participating athletes.

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