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Case Study: Gillette




Postgame has curated a range of NIL campaigns for Gillette, tapping into the influence of hundreds of college athletes to spotlight the newest items in men's and women's body care. Explore a diverse array of recent content crafted by college athletes for Gillette through Postgame below.

Brand Campaigns

Here is a selection of some of the campaigns we have executed for the client. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, but highlights a few key initiatives.

  • March Madness 2024

  • Collegiate Shoe Launch 1.0

  • Collegiate shoe Launch 2.0

  • Sweepstakes

  • Christmas Holi-Dude

  • Mossy Oak Launch

  • Event Activation's 25+

Challenges Addressed:

Brand was looking for additional Channels to reach Gen-Z sports enthusiasts. Reaching this specific type of Gen-Z 'customer' has it's challenges and can be prove to be an expensive ad buy across a limited number of channels (primarily social media - Instagram or TikTok) as well as being potentially ineffective through the use of  traditional content creators / influencers.


Postgame NIL Campaign leveraged hundreds of college athletes producing thousands of unique pieces of content (UGC) reaching millions of targeted fans and followers (primarily Gen-Z sports & shoe enthusiasts)

Earned Media

Campaign Execution:

Postgame tapped into our network of over 35,000 college athletes - making them aware of the opportunity to leverage their NIL (Name, Image & Likeness) to earn money in exchange for helping to promote the shoes. Recruitment consisted of a two parts  1).  A nationwide opportunity for any athlete to participate regardless of sport, gender, location, follower count, etc.  2). A targeted opportunity for athletes attending specific colleges to promote collegiate branded shoes.

Postgame spent two days recruiting athletes, communicating the opportunities via SMS, Email, In App and Push Notifications. Over 1,000 athletes opted-in to participate.  Postgame then spent another two days distributing payment offers asking athletes to double opt-in to confirm their participation.  Those who accepted immediately received campaign instructions including: what to post, when to post, how to post (tagging requirements, deadlines and more. 

After the campaign, Postgame provided HeyDude a full recap of the campaign including all relevant KPI's as well as an ability to leverage the 1,000's of pieces of content created by every athlete - for a predetermined period of time (licensing rights).

Content & Execution Examples

University of Florida Quarterback GRAHAM MERTZ uses his NIL to promote Gillette Labs


University of Notre Dame Quarterback RILEY LEONARD Promotes Gillette in latest Postgame NIL Campaign


Ole' Miss Quarterback JAXSON DART stars in Gillette NIL Campaign with Postgame

Paid Social, Elevated

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