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Postgame Member
Shae Anderson - UCLA - Women's Track & Field

Campaign Types


For brands that want to reach thousands of college athletes quickly to promote a lightweight product or service.


This campaign is ideal for creating a quick 'buzz' with thousands of posts within a few days. 


  • Branding & Awareness

  • Custom Graphics

  • User Content (UGC)

  • Gifting

Pricing: $


For brands that want to work with a smaller number (50-100) higher valued college athletes over a longer period of time.

This campaign is ideal for generating quality content and discovering future brand ambassadors.


  • All of Level I

  • Whitelisting (new!)

  • Surveys/Feedback

Pricing: $$


For brands wanting a more customized campaign with enhanced performance tracking across multiple social media platforms, etc.

This campaign expects a little more from the athletes in terms of # of posts and content quality.


  • All of Level II

  • Ambassador Mgt.

  • Dedicated Rep

  • Detailed Reporting

Pricing:  $$$

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Postgame Member Spotlight
Dalen Terry

University of Arizona

Men's Basketball

Reebok Influencer Campaign

January 2022