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adidas Softball Cleat
Campaign Instructions

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Congratulations on being selected for this latest adidas NIL opportunity with Postgame! 

About this campaign:

adidas Dugout is proud to present their brand new adidas PureHustle 3 Elite Cleats in collaboration with softball star, Sis bates – Remember to have Fun. Inspired by Sis’ vibrant personality, the cleat aims to address the top issue facing athletes in the game – mental health. Grounded in a message of positivity, Remember to Have Fun, reminds players to get back to the root of the game and what makes softball special.​

Upload all of your raw / high resolution content using the Form (button) below (photos, video and caption).  Your content MUST be APPROVED from adidas / Postgame before you post! Postgame will DM you when your content is approved to post.


If you have any questions about this, email your Postgame campaign manager or DM us on Instagram!

Create and Upload Your Content here for Approval:



Required # of Posts: 2-4

  • 1 Instagram Reel Video (w/ cover photo) + Feed Share (REQUIRED)

  • 3 IG Story Posts (with your affiliate link!)​​

Content Approval Deadline: September 25th 
Posting Deadline: October 1st 

Hashtags: #adidasNILambassador #adidas
Tags: @adidas @postgame.official

Content Examples:

Technical Guidelines​

  • Be sure that you are permitted to use your school logo, mascot, marks within your content prior to posting. 

  • Lighting should be bright, even, and inviting. Avoid harsh shadows and confusing backgrounds.

  • The product you are promoting should be visible. Do not crop/cut off footwear or apparel in photos.

Use of Music: 
For this campaign, if you wish to add music to your Reel you must use Copyright-Free music.  Copyright-Free music can be found as an option within Instagram and TikTok.  Additionally, Copyright-Free music can be downloaded from various websites.  Type 'Copyright-Free' into Google for additional options.

Read More about Copyright-Free Music Here >> 

Camera Orientation:

All photos and videos must be shot vertically. 

Competing Products:

Make sure there are no competing products appearing in your video/photos.  Do your best to create content with full outfits.


  • All content must be high quality and shot/recorded with a naturally well-lit, neutral background.

  • Content must feature product well, with influencer and outfit(s) being clearly seen. Influencer should not be out of focus or far away in their content.

  • Please do not feature other individuals in the background of the content or items such as Parking garages, electrical outlets, bathrooms, cars, traffic cones, fences, signs, stained walls, ceiling fans that are turned on, garage doors, or any similar items.

  • Clothing must be steamed, if necessary, and have no visible wrinkles.

*** FTC Guidelines ***

MATERIAL DISCLOSURES AND COMPLIANCE WITH FTC GUIDELINES. When publishing posts/statuses about Postgame products or services and the Brand’s products or services, you must clearly disclose your “material connection” with Postgame and the Brand, including the fact that you are being provided with certain experiences and/or being paid. The above disclosure should be clear and prominent and made in close proximity to any statements that you make about Postgame and/or the Brand and it's products or services. This disclosure is required regardless of any space limitations of the medium (e.g. Instagram), where the disclosure can be made via Hashtags, e.g. #sponsored. Your statements should always reflect your honest and truthful opinions and actual experiences. You should only make factual statements about Postgame and/or the Brand and it’s products or services which you know for certain are true and can be verified.

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