NIL Ambassador Program
Team Contest

Total number of adidas Back to Campus NIL campaign social media posts ranked by our 12 participating Power 5 schools.. The school with the highest number of total posts as of November 15th, will have an opportunity to earn additional cash and prizes from Postgame.  All participating athletes who have posted between now and November 15th from the winning school will be eligible.   

Note: The number in parentheses is the total number of posts behind the leader (e.g. Indiana is currently 4 posts behind Rutgers).

Current Standings (11/8/2022)

  1. University of Louisville

  2. Rutgers University (-4)

  3. University of Kansas (-5)

  4. University of Miami (-5)

  5. Georgia Tech (-12)

  6. Indiana University (-13)

  7. Mississippi State (-17)

  8. NC State (-19)

  9. University of Washington (-23)

  10. University of Nebraska (-24)

  11. Arizona State University (-24)

  12. Texas A&M (-29)

Contest Rules:
For a post to qualify it must include your likeness, a reference to your affiliate link and proper tagging and mentions. Schools get credited 2x for each Reel / Feed / TikTok Video.  1x for Story posts.  

The quality of the image/video must meet a minimum standard* and not simply be a sharing of your team photos. Also, Boomerangs of your shoes won't count.  Create original content and be creative!

Encourage your teammates to post!  Everyone earns from sales on adidas products they promote and have a chance to win additional bonuses as well as cash and prizes as part of this team contest.

*Examples of good posts:

Reel Video: Example
Feed Photos: Example