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Take advantage of an existing adidas promotion to help drive sales (and commissions) to yourself through the NIL Ambassador Program. Offer this latest adidas promotion (below) to your fans and followers on Instagram or TikTok ASAP.  Promotion ends March 6th. 

To participate do the following steps:

  1. Post a picture(s) or video of YOU wearing your adidas issued gear.

  2. Use the promotion wording (listed below) in your caption (Reel / Feed) or as text overlaying an Instagram Story post.

  3. Don't forget to include your affiliate link (tell people to click YOUR link to shop!).  Include your link as a sticker on a Story post or refer to it as a link in your bio.

Use this promotion wording:

Spend $100 or more and Save $30 on!

Use this Code at checkout: SAVEBIG

Shop Here:  (Insert / Refer to Your Affiliate Link)

Note: You can locate your affiliate link within the Postgame App >> Menu >> Tracking Links

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