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adidas Ambassador Contest Instructions

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Congratulations on being selected for the adidas NIL Ambassador Contest - where, in addition to earning commissions from your posts, you will have a chance to win up to $900 in prize money between now and March 25th.  Post pictures of yourself wearing every type of adidas apparel you have (including your school issued gear) - re-share the same pics/videos multiple times.  Whatever it takes. 

REQUIRED: Each post must include or refer to your affiliate link.


The breakdown of prize categories is listed below:

Total # of Views:  This is where everyone has a chance to win.  We will award the top 3 athletes who have achieved the highest number of views across all of their posts (IG Story, Reel, Feed, TikTok).  Hint:  The more you post, the more views you will receive - and the more likely you are to win.  We will ask you to screenshot your Insights to validate all of the views you receive between now and March 25th. Send story screenshots via Instagram DM @postgame.official as you go.

There is no limit to how frequently you can post!

  • First Place:  $300

  • Second Place:  $250

  • Third Place:  $150

Total $$ of Sales:  Use your Affiliate Link to encourage people to make purchases from  Your Affiliate Link can be found in the Postgame App (Menu >> Tracking Links).  Generate sales however you'd like.  Make posts on your IG Story encouraging people to buy, take advantage of sales discounts, share your link with family and friends via SMS or Email.  Whatever it takes!  Your link will track everything.  We'll total up the sales and announce the winners.  Oh, and you'll earn 10% commission on all of those sales too!  Again, there is no limit ot how frequently you can post or share your link.

  • First Place:  $300

  • Second Place: $250

  • Third Place: $150

Content Creativity:  If you're unable to generate a lot of views or have a difficult time making sales, there's still hope!  Put in quality effort and create some awesome content (Feed, TikTok or Reels) and we'll provide cash rewards for the best of the best! Also, adidas will be likely to include you in a future paid 'sponsored' campaign.  Our team at Postgame will judge all of the posts and announce the winners on March 25th.

  • First Place:  $300

  • Second Place: $250

  • Third Place: $150

Tagging Instructions (tag both the caption and the actual photos/videos):

  • Mention Tags:  @adidas @postgame.official

  • Hashtags: #adidas #PostgameContest

That's it!  Start posting.  In short, the more effort you put in (volumes of posts and/or creativity) will give you the best chance of winning.  

If you have any questions about the contest, email your Postgame campaign manager

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