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You Are Eligible!

Company:  adidas

Campaign Theme:  Winter Style: Cozy Campus Looks for the Season

Campaign Date:  Current - Feb 28th

Campaign Type:  Social Media

Earning Opportunities:

  • Paid Placement*

  • Commission Only



An opportunity to earn from the adidas NIL Ambassador Program is now available!  Student-athletes at an adidas sponsored program can earn (commissions) by sharing adidas products on social media to fans and followers!  Note: International Students are NOT eligible at this time.  Please do not opt-in if you are an International student.

  1. Opt-In to be a part of the campaign.

  2. Receive your custom tracking link.

  3. Start Earning!

Campaign Themes to reference in your content include:

Winter Style: Cozy Campus Looks for the Season

Stay Warm, Look Cool: Shop Winter Styles 
Revamp your wardrobe for a new semester!



*A limited number of student-athletes will also be chosen for the paid placement campaign. This will include added cash payment, adidas sportswear and/or gift cards, and discounts on adidas apparel.

Student-athletes chosen for this paid placement campaign will be required to post:

  • 1 Vertical Reel / Video - Full Outfit Look

  • 2-3 Story Posts / amplification
         - Amplification of the video

         - One image of your school's Ultraboost
         - One image of the adidas Sportswear apparel

  • Draft posts of the videos and image to be submitted to adidas for review. Given the nature of this campaign, adidas encourages athletes to create multiple looks and shots for review.

If selected, you will be contacted directly by Postgame with detailed campaign instructions (i.e. tagging requirements, content approval, brand guidelines, etc.) as well as an athlete contract outlining the details of your agreement with Postgame and adidas.

Note: You are opting in to be a part of the NIL Ambassador Program and to be considered for the paid placement program - which includes an additional cash payment, apparel, and more.  If selected for paid placement, you will receive additional instructions for this specific campaign within days of opting in.

Being selected for the paid placement opportunity is dependent upon a number of factors including but not limited to: engagement, following, content, level of school participation, and more.


Bonus opportunities are available for reliability and exceptional content.  

Content Licensing:
By opt-ing into the Ambassador program (and if verified for the program) you agree to allow adidas a 180 day licensing right to the usage of any adidas content that you create as part of this campaign in any and all media. 

*Only student-athletes from adidas sponsored schools are eligible.  DO NOT Opt-In if you do not play for an adidas sponsored school. You will not be chosen to participate.

To learn more about the adidas Ambassador program we encourage you to visit the FAQ Page >>


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